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Gillott 'Fleur de Lys' Superbe - 1954

Owned by: Peter Lowry
Gillott Fleur 1

Frame Gillott Fleur de Lys 23" road/path.   Finished in flam. blue with gold lug lining. Round forks
Wheels Constrictor 'Cobra' rims with 15/17 spokes, Harden 'Bacon Slicer' front hub
Chainset Chater Lea 48 chainring on round cranks
Pedals Chater Lea T bar, GB toeclips, Binda straps
Gears Sturmey Archer FM
Brakes Strata
Stem/Bars Titan 4" steel stem with Reynolds Pelissier bars
Headset Brampton
Saddle Brooks B17 Swallow
Extra details
In the 1950's when I was time trialling on my Hetchins 'Experto Crede' I lost my heart to a Gillott 'Fleur de Lys' sadly before I could do anything about getting one - could I really afford another bike, I don't think so - Queen Liz sent me off to fight the Communists in Malaya.   A dream gone forever... or so I thought, that is until Hilary introduced me to the V.C.C., then the dream was reborn.   It is a very sprightly ride but I'm afraid my little legs do not do the justice that it deserves, but oh, I do wallow in nostalgia when I ride it.

Gillott Fleur 5
Fleur de Lys headlugs - side
Gillott Fleur 6
Front view
Gillott Fleur 7
Chainstay bridge and Strata brake

Gillott Fleur 1
Seat lug detail
Gillott Fleur 2
Bottom bracket lugs
Gillott Fleur 3
Chater chainset round cranks

Gillott Fleur 8
Gillott fork ends with Harden Bacon-Slicer hub
Gillott Fleur 9
Beautifully polished Strata brake lever