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Flying Gate Stayer - 1991 (Trevor Jarvis)

Owned by: Bill Corbett

Gate Stayer 1

Frame Trevor Jarvis Flying Gate motor-paced stayer - 1991
Wheels Wood rims on Campagnolo large-flange track hubs - 24" front with linen wrapped tubs
Chainset Campagnolo 165 cranks with 60T ring
Pedals Campagnolo track
Gears Single-speed fixed
Brakes N/A
Stem/Bars Cinelli badged steel adjustable 'stayer' stem with steel bars with strut from stem to fork crown
Saddle Ideale 'Motor-Pace' saddle with strut to boss brazed on top tube
Extra details This is the only Motorpaced Stayer bike built by Trevor Jarvis. It was built for and raced by "Tony Orme" BCF National Squad team member.  The bike was raced by Tony in the National Championships during the early nineties.  He was nudged out of bronze on the last lap due to heat exhaustion.  He was the only amatuer in the finals that day.This bike was found as a frame and fork only.  It has been restored to be as it would have raced in the day.  The wheels are correct linen wrapped wheels from the period. Truly a unique piece of Flying Gate history

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