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F. W. Evans Touring - 1964

Owned by: Doug Wagner

F W E - 1

Frame F W Evans 'Touring' frame, 1964, built with Reynolds 531 DB tubing.  It is a 25 inch frame and the serial number on the B/B appears to be WI 02 or V V I  02. It may also be a 1 instead of an I...(W1 or V V 1)
Wheels Arc en Ciel tubular rims with 700 Maillard hubs
Chainset TA "cyclo-touriste" 46/36
Pedals Lyotard 'Berthon' platform pedals
Gears Front Campagnolo with Campagnolo Gran Tourissimo rear
Brakes Mafac cantilever with gum hoods not half hoods, which I don't like as well
Stem/Bars GB stem with GB Randonneur bars
Headset Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Saddle Brooks B17 N
Extra details Bidons are TDF anniversary reproductions. Milremo mudguards.  I believe this bike was built in 1960's for a California physician. (Note the lamp bracket on the L fork). It is the companion of the Evans tandem you have already on your site. I bought it as a frame/fork.  It is a work in progress: I've tried to find roughly contemporary parts (saddle, stem, bars, cranks, brakes, shifter) and since it has Campy drop-outs I used what might have appealed to a US owner.. a Campagnolo Gran Tourissmo derallieur.(Perhaps an Allvit with a mounting adaptor would be a better shifting choice) I have a set of 27" Weyless wheels/arc en ciel rims that are closer to the timeline and would have been a reasonable upgrade for a USowner. They are not shown in these earlier photos.

F W E 2
F W E 3
F W E 4