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Cinelli 'Speciale Corsa' - 1972

Submitted by James Sage


Cinelli Speciale Corsa, frame number 2244 -1972; 57cm x 57cm
Three hole detail lugs and Cinelli slope shoulder fork.
Martano rims on Campagnolo Record small flange quick release hubs with Robergel Trois Etoiles spokes; Clement Seta Extra tubular tyres
Chainset Campagnolo Record Double 144BCD; 172.5mm; Patent Campagnolo stamping to Chainrings, Chainring bolts and dust covers
Pedals Campagnolo Record SL Pedals early cage shape;  Christophe ‘Speciale’ clips;  Binda straps
Gears  Campagnolo Nuovo Record Patent 72 Rear; Campagnolo Record flat cage with circlip front; Campagnolo Record clamp-on shifters with redundant cable stops
Brakes Campagnolo record sidepull ‘normal’ reach calipers with Campagnolo Record ‘long reach’ levers and ‘world’ logo hoods
Stem/Bars Cinelli Model 64 Giro d’Italia bars 40cm x 26,4mm with 110mm Cinelli 1A ‘milano’ logo stem with recessed bar clamp bolt
Saddle Cinelli Unicanitor No 2 suede unpadded  saddle on Campagnolo Record 26.2mm dia twin-bolt post.
Extra details  The bare frame was obtained in poor condition then fully refinished and bike rebuilt using NOS parts. Previous owner believed the frame was manufactured in 1972 and all efforts were made to be period correct to that year with the build. 1972 saw detail changes for some Campagnolo and Cinelli components filtering through including front derailleur, stem, brake levers and pedals requiring a few educated guesses as to the most likely item. A beautiful bike. It hasn’t been ridden.

In my quest to be absolutely period correct I have tried to scrutiny everything and there are two or three items I am still to be fully satisfied one way or the other are the items that would have been found on this bike in 1972 :
§  Cinelli Unicanitor – colour of stamping to saddle (not sure when silver stamping became available)
§  Regina ‘ORO’ freewheel and chain – Regina ORO products seemed to have appeared in catalogues in early 70’s but may not have actually been available until mid-1970’s
§  Campagnolo front changer version – the version used is a ‘generation 6’ which became available from 1972 – not sure whether this was actually available to bike builders in 1972

  Cinelli Unicanitor No 2 saddle with Cinelli Speciale Corsa fastback seat cluster detail

  Campagnolo Record ‘long reach’ brake levers, early logo Cinelli Model 64 Giro D’Italia bars with triple clamp rings
and Cinelli 1A ‘Milano’ stem with recessed bar clamp bolt introduced in 1972

 Campagnolo Record flat cage clamp-on front derailleur with pivot bolt circlip introduced in 1972 ;
 Campagnolo Record chainset 144 BCD – no date stamp to back of arms

 Campagnolo SL pedals with early version pointed cage, Alfredo Binda straps with brass clasp rollers
and Christophe ‘Speciale’ toeclips – each clip size has different logo design

 Campagnolo Patent 72 Nuovo Record rear derailleur and Campagnolo low flange Record rear hub in non-standard 125mm
width available on request in early-mid 1970’s. Straight-lever quick release.

  Cinelli Unicanitor No 2 saddle with Cinelli Speciale Corsa fastback seat cluster detail - alternative view

Early 1970’s version Cinelli headbadge

Cinelli 3-hole detail lugs - introduced in late 1960’s and phased out in early 80’s – and classic Cinelli sloped shoulder fork crown lug.

The finished article