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Cimatti Cambio Corsa - c.1949

Owned by: Martin Hanczyc


Cimatti Cambio Corsa - c.1949; steel, lugged frame with chrome head lugs and chrome ends, Campagnolo geared rear dropouts, 58cm seat tube c-c, 57cm top tube c-c, repainted
and restored
Campagnolo hubs, 36 hole, Campagnolo geared rear drop-outs, dog-bone front Campagnolo quick release; Nisi rims for tubulars with patterned brake surfaces
Wolber Profil 18 tires
Chainset Magistroni alloy-steel cotterless double crankset, 50-47 tooth, 170mm length with
Magistroni Zenith bottom bracket
Pedals Steel (Sheffield?) steel pedals, Cornez toe clips, Alfredo Binda straps
Gears Campagnolo Cambio Corsa, twin-lever rear changer.Regina Extra freewheel, four speed, 16x22.  Front changer (Simplex Competition) needed
Brakes Universal Extra Mod 51 early style brakes and levers
Stem/Bars Cinelli chromed steel handlebar 40cm on Cinelli chromed-steel stem, 80mm with Cimatti (Magistroni) chromed steel headset
Saddle Brooks B17 saddle with two Clement Condor tubulars under saddle
Extra details Reg Italy bottle cage and alloy bottle

I purchased this Cimatti bicycle from a collector in Italy through ebay.  The photos in the listing were dark and I was pleasantly surprised about the excellent condition of the bike when it arrived, see attached photos.  First I needed to inform myself about how to use the Cambio Corsa.  Luckily there is quite a lot of info out there on the web including videos.  On the maiden voyage I was able to change the gearing with much difficulty.  Also I got my fingers caught in the spokes multiple times, ouch!  I then went back home to study the material online again and I finally realized that the rear mechanism was not set up properly.  I reset the levers in more or less the proper place and tried again.  This time the rear mechanism actually worked.  It took me about 5 minutes to get used to it and now I can zip up and down the rear cogs without much trouble.   The only cause of operational error that persists is that I often forget that I need
to pedal backwards to change the gearing.  It is obvious of course considering the mechanism but it is something my legs are not yet prepared to do.  The bike looks great and works well enough.  It has a hop in the rear wheel that I am trying to work out.  And it is missing the front Simplex Competition front changer that I want to locate. I always wanted a bike like this to fool around with, and by chance I found a real gem!

Top of control levers
Working end of the controls

Rear end showing 'toothed' rack
'Dog-bone' ajuster on front hub

Universal Extra Mod 51
Cimatti  (Magistroni) headset

Magistroni alloy-steel cotterless double crankset, 50-47 tooth