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Claud Butler USWB tandem - 1950

Owned by: Oliver Goodhall and Holly Lewis


Claud Butler Ultra Short Wheel Base DP model, frame number 506 3468 (June 1950) lugless construction with curved rear seat tube. Reynolds 531 tubing. CB "Continental" rear ends. Seat tubes 23"/ 23"
Dunlop Special Lightweight 26" rims on large flange Harden 'Bacon Slicer' (front) and Blumfield braked drum (rear).
Chainset Williams 3-pin in-line tandem set
Pedals Webb quill pedals with Christophe clips and straps
Gears 3-speed with Benelux changer
Brakes Resilion cantilever on rear, CLB competition brake on front. Additional foot operated rear drum brake
Stem/Bars Bailey bars, unknown clip-type headset and Major Taylor adjustable stem
Saddle Replacement Brooks B17s (Used to have a Brooks B15 front, Lycett rear - unfortunately too perished to ride)
Extra details Frame so far unrestored, a little tired, but with original finish and box-lining intact. 

cb-tandem-goodhall-rb2 cb-tandem-goodhall-rb3
Left: 'Stoker's cockpit' showing curved rear seat tube, Resilion cantilever brake plus rear hub brake and Cyclo 3-speed derailleur
Right: Major Taylor style adjustable stem and headclip fitting