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Claud Butler Saxon - 1956

Owned by: Paul Page

Claud Butler Saxon RB 1

1956 Claud Butler Saxon frame no. 371956; 23" seat tube; flamboyant red with chrome lugs and fork ends. Lower seat tube is twin tube to bottom bracket
27" alloy HP rims on Normandy large-flange hubs
Chainset 3-arm fluted single chainset
Pedals Lyotard quill
Gears Simplex 5-speed rear with Simplex lever
Brakes Alp Competition stirrups and levers
Stem/Bars Velorama stem and Primo bars
Saddle Brooks B17

Claud Butler Saon Page 2 RB Claud Butler Saxon Page 3 Claud Butler Saxon Page 4 RB
Left: Details of head lugs and fork crown with Alp stirrups
Centre: Chrome plated twin seat tube to give short wheelbase
Right:  Upper seat tube showing 'Saxon' transfer and bilaminated seat lug

Claud Butler Saxon Page 5 RB Calud Butler Saxon Page RB 6 Claud Butler Saxon Page RB 7
Above: Details of head lug, seat lug with clamp and twin seat tube at bottom bracket