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Claud Butler 'Avant Coureur' - 1952/3

Owned by: John Crump

Claud Butler 'Avant Coureur' - 1952/3

Claud Butler 'Avant Coureur' - 1952/3, frame no. 5787 52 12 shows it was made Dec 1952 but this is a 1953 Avant Coureur Bi-Lam model with 531 transfer. Seat tube 21½", top tube 21", seat stays 17½"
Dunlop Special Lightweight 27"rims with the original Dunlop High pressure tyres,(the original inner tubes held air but I replaced them for safety) BH Airlite hubs. Rustless DB 15/17g spokes 40/32
Chainset Stronglight cottered cranks with Simplex 49/47 steel rings
Pedals Brampton B8 
Gears Simplex front rod shifter and toggle rear mechs, It is a 8-speed 14-24 with 49-47 rings.
Brakes GB Coureur brakes
Stem/Bars GB bars and spearpoint stem
Saddle Brooks Swallow
Extra details Baycliff bag and cape, Coloral water bottle and cages,new clips and straps and the Bluemels black guards and green pump & Bell. Lucifer dynamo.

This I got as a complete bike many years ago, It had hung in a shed in the Cotswolds for many many years and not ridden.It was caked with grease and gunk BUT this had served as insulation against rust on the parts. I completely stripped the bike down cleaned everything off re packed all the bearings etc, It came up like new!, except lots of rust on the frame.It was finished in a green crackel finish and I found a chap who did a pretty good job of duplicating it. All the equip was optional per the catalouge that I have.

CB Crump RB 3 CB Crump RB 2
Left: Stronglight/Simplex chainset and Simplex front changer
Right: Avant Coureur bi-laminate lugs showing likeness to Nervex Professional

CB Crump RB 4
Above: Simplex Tour de France rear changer mounted with cage the correct way up