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Bianchi Paris/Roubaix - 1951

Owned by: Gary Higgitt

Bianchi Higgitt RB 1

1951 Bianchi frame no. 288924 (three before the other Bianchi P/R in Readers' Bikes owned by Bob Johnson) finished Celeste with black head tube and chrome ends; 59cm centre BB to top of top tube, 57cm top tube
Fiamme sprint rims on Campagnolo small-flange hubs with 'open C' levers
Chainset Frejus (original Bianchi chainset is being replated)
Pedals Make not known
Gears 4-speed Paris/Roubaix single lever (open 'C') Campagnolo
Brakes Universal stirrups and levers
Stem/Bars Cinelli steel badged stem with Ambrosio Champion bars on Bianchi headset
Saddle Ideale 90
Extra details Milremo CO2 pump plus ordinary Bianchi celeste pump.
Matt Newton of Middlesbrough  imported this machine which was owned originally by Harry Aspden who raced and was a journalist for Sporting Cyclist in the late 50's early 60's. He was reputed to be one of the top journalists of the day,

Bianchi Higgitt RB 2 lever
Paris/Roubaix 'open C' lever which releases the wheel as well as changing the gear
Bianchi Higgitt RB 7 changer
Paris/Roubaix changer on top run of chain  necessitating backwards pedalling to change gear!

Bianchi Higgitt RB 6 gear
Lower changer showing inner rod and outer sleeve
Bianchi Higgit RB 5
Robust striker mechanism

Bianchi Higgitt RB 8
Close-up showing toothed ends to control wheel movement
and ratchet to adjust chain tension
Bianchi Higgitt RB 9 Harry Aspden
Harry Aspden, the original owner of this Bianchi (seen here on a Hill Special) who was a respected journalist as well as a racing cyclist. 

Bianchi Higgitt RB 3
Seat cluster plus CO2 pump in cradle
Bianchi Higgitt RB 4
Head lug and Bianchi headset