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Bianchi 'Paris Roubaix'  - 1951

Owned by: Bob Johnson


Bianchi 'Paris Roubaix', 1951; Frame No. 288927; 59 cm; finished Celeste with chrome ends by Argos
Fiamme sprint rims on Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs
Chainset Magistroni steel cranks with Bianchi 48T chainring
Pedals Sheffield Bianchi pedals
Gears Campagnolo Paris Roubaix with 4-speed Regina sprockets
Brakes Universal Brev 453949 brakeset
Stem/Bars Ambrosio Champion stem with Ambrosio 'Coppi' bars
Saddle Brooks B17 Oval-badged
Extra details Like most of these bikes, it was imported by Matt Newton of Middlesborough.  I have replaced the Gran Sport derailleur with a  Campag Paris/Roubaix gear.  A previous owner had converted from P R to Gran Sport.  The frame still has the original 'toothed' rear ends.

Paris Roubaix drive

Close-up of the gear mechanism

Operating end of the gear plus Universal brake

Magistroni steel cottered cranks with Bianchi 48T single chainring

Paris Roubaix changer and rear hub showing 'dogbone' skewer end

Bianchi BJ 5
Rare Sheffield Bianchi pedals
Bianchi BJ 6
Even rarer, 'toothed' rear ends for Paris/Roubaix gear

Bianchi BJ 2
Campagnolo Gran Sport front hub
Bianchi BJ 3
Campagnolo 'straight' QR lever

Bianchi BJ 13

Bianchi BJ 11s
Paris Roubaix Catalogue - click for larger image
Bianchi BJ 12s
Paris Roubaix Catalogue - click for larger image

Bianchi BJ 8
Seat cluster showing start of frame number on lug
Bianchi BJ 4
Chrome head lugs and 'Celeste' brake cable

Bianchi BJ 7