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Bates Volante track - 1937

Owned by: Bill Corbett

Volante 1

Frame Bates Volante - track - 1936
Wheels 'Cane' sprints on Airlite large-flange hubs - single-fixed
Chainset BSA 5-pin with inch pitch chainring
Pedals Sheffield
Gears Single-speed fixed inch-pitch
Brakes N/A
Stem/Bars Major Taylor stem with steel track bars
Saddle Brooks B17
Extra details Believed to be the machine ridden by 'Torchy' Peden at the London 6-Day 1937. Original matt black finish with gold lug lining

Volante 2 Volante 3 Volante 4

Volante 5
Volante 6

Volante 7