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Baines Whirlwind VS 38 - pre-war

Submitted by Neil McCormick


Pre-war Baines, frame no. 380, 23" frame with 'Barber's Pole' painted seat tube
Airlite small-flange front hub with TF4 2-speed rear laced into 26" Constrictor rims
Chainset Chater-Lea 3-arm with drumstick (round) cranks
Pedals Chater-Lea
Gears Sturmey-Archer TF4 2-speed fixed gear with top tube quadrant lever
Brakes GB Hiduminium
Stem/Bars GB bars on alloy 'girder' stem
Saddle Lycett on alloy seatpin

baines-mccormick-rb2 baines-mccormick-rb3
baines-mccormick-rb4 baines-mccormick-rb3
Top left - seat cluster showing seat pin and vertical seat tube. Top right - head lugs and head clip