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Barelli Pedals

Peter Underwood

Barelli pedals were manufactured in the 70s by Geoff Chapman who was a member of the Cambridge (Town & County) CC and who owned an engineering works at Bar Hill near Cambridge.  The name "Barelli", almost an anagram of Bar Hill, was chosen to suggest Italian style.

Extremely well engineered to the highest standards they were exhibited at the Milan Cycle Show in 1977.  The 'Supreme' had a stainless steel footplate mounted on top of an alloy centre barrel.  The spindle was nickel-chrome steel and they were machined for accuracy at the bearing surfaces.                                                      
Photo: Geoff Adams
The price of the pedal in 1977 was £47 which included a lifetime warranty.  Barelli also manufactured high quality shoe plates to pair up with the pedal.

In October 2007 a pair of Barelli pedals were offered for sale on ebay. These date from the 1970's.  The pair were said to be particularly unusual in that they have removable aluminium cages. The seller could find no reference to Barelli making a lightweight model and although these have the Supreme logo on them, the Supreme is usually a stainless steel model not aluminium.  Barelli pedals were exhibited at the Milan Cycle Show in 1977. They were over engineered and were considered the Rolls Royce of pedals. The spindle was made from Nickel Chrome Steel and they were machined for accuracy at the bearing surfaces and they came with a life time guarantee. This pair (see image below) were probably made for track racing due to the light weight cages.

Barelli 2

Below is a copy of an informative Barelli advert dated February 1977 (click for larger image):

Barelli 1

Barelli alloy
Above: Image of a pair of the alloy 'top-plates' as used on the lighter pedals and also available as a conversion
(Image Richard Bryne who has a website purely for pedals - Visit his pedal museum at http://www.speedplay.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=pedalmuseum.intro)

Below: a detailed information sheet which was supplied with the pedals - courtesy Dave Peck
Barelli scan 2

Below: Image of Barelli catalogue for B10 and B25 pedals (image Hilary Stone)
Barelli Catalogue

Barelli Plates
A pair of the 280 (deep) shoeplates submitted by Nigel Scott