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Rotrax 'La Premiere' - 1957

Owned by Peter Underwood


Frame 24” seat tube;  22½”  top tube;  17¼” chainstays;   ??? BB height;  Frame number 57 408 (1957); No. is at along one edge of BB; Nervex Type 45 lugs and fork crown; oval to round fork blades; dark green with ‘Rotrax’ head badge, down tube transfers and seat tube transfer.  Agrati rear ends.  Brake cable eyes (+ one cable guide) under top tube; Gear cable guide BB and eye on chainstay, also lever stop under down tube;  lamp boss RH fork blade; carrier eyes on seat stays; mudguard eyes on ends.
Wheels Weinmann 27" HP 40h rim Airlite rear s/f double-fixed hub. Dunlop Light Alloy 32h rim on Blumfield s/f front hub; 15/17 DB spokes;  Continental 27 x 1 1/8 tyres. 
Chainset BSA 5-pin chainset with 46T x 1/8" ring, 6½” cranks; TDC bottom bracket
Pedals Lyotard Marcel Berthet platform pedals with Christophe clips and toestraps
Gears Single-speed fixed with 19T sprocket (65.4") or 20T (62.1")
Brakes GB Coureur Plus levers and stirrups with rubber hoods
Stem/Bars GB alloy spearpoint stem 3½” with GB alloy Maes bars with ferrule
Saddle Brooks B17 Swallow on alloy 27.2 seatpost
Extras Mudguards when fitted – white Bluemels. This is now my 'wet-weather' fixed-wheel machine being the only one I have with mudguards.

Having been threatened with a visit from the Somerset Style Police (C.O. Peter Lowry) I have re-taken these images with the BSA ring in the correct place on the cranks, i.e. the 'S' opposite the crank.

rotrax-pu-rb2 rotrax-pu-rb4 rotrax-pu-rb3
Above right and left, Nervex 45 head lugs from side and front
Centre: Seat cluster

Drive train - BSA 46T 5-pin chainset with ring mounted in the correct way in relation to the cranks!,
 Lyotard Marcel Berthet pedals, 19T fixed sprocket Christophe toeclips and straps

Wrong, wrong, wrong!
'S' should be opposite crank as above