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Frejus 'Supercorsa M' - 1950/51

Frejus 1 650 

Frame FREJUS Supercorsa Model 'M' 60cm (24") Frame No.019671 - 1950/51; brake cable stops under top tube; gear cable stops down tube; grease nipple head tube - flip top oiler BB.  Rear gear hanger for Simplex mech.Finished in steel grey enamel with dark blue head tube - chrome front forks and head lugs.
Wheels 27" sprints on Campag Gran Sport LF QR hubs, 15/17 DB spokes - Continental tubs
Chainset Durax double fluted cranks with double chainset 47/50 on Campagnolo BB
Pedals Campag with Christophe clips and straps
Gears Rear:  Simplex Tour de France 5-speed rear changer  5-speed freewheel 14 - 24   Front:   Simplex double - rod Competition changer
Brakes Universal (‘Universal Extra’ and ‘BREV 453949’ on stirrups) side pull - short front, long rear with Bartoli 'Le Roi de Grimpeur' hooded levers. Early stirrups with spring pegs
Stem/Bars Ambrosia alloy 4½" (11.5cm) with GB Pelissier bars
Headset Frejus
Saddle Brooks B17 Narrow, seat pin 26.4 with Frejus seat-tube clip
Extras Simplex down-tube bottle carrier with alloy bottle; Compressed-air tyre
inflator.  'Flint catchers' front and rear.
Frejus headset 250
Frejus fork 250
Frejus seat 250
Three images showing lug and fork crown details of the Frejus.  Note Frejus headset and seat lug clip
Frejus 2 300
Simplex rear ends with Simplex gear
Frejus 3 300
Simplex down tube bottle-carrier

This frame has a Singapore badge and I received this message via a third party - I don't know the name of the sender:
Hi Hup Teck was an importer of mainly Japanese and Italian bikes and accessories, based in Singapore in the 50's and 60's. Hup Teck's shop was very popular with the RAF and army cyclists and prices were about half of those in the UK The Frejus was probably bought back to the UK by a servicman. I regularly sent tubulars and Campagnolo equipment bought from Hup Teck to RAF mates who had returned to the UK