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Cinelli Corsa 1957-58

Owned by Peter Underwood


Frame 24” Cinelli Corsa frame number 5278; (1957/8)  72º x 72º;  23” top tube; 17 ¼ ” chainstays; 40¼” wheelbase; metallic green with chrome ends, head lugs and fork crown; ‘Campagnolo fork ends’ model (dearer than the standard version); Reynolds 531 main tubes with Columbus fork and stays.
Wheels 27” Fiamme HP rims on Campagnolo Gran Sport large-flange hubs 32/40.  Fitted 15–28t Regina freewheel 
Chainset Durax cottered steel, fluted on corners, with double rings 50/47 OR Stronglight 49 alloy cotterless with double TA chainrings 48/43 to give lower rings for exceptionally hilly rides
Pedals Campagnolo with Christophe clips and straps
Gears Campag 5-speed Gran Sport rear and Campag 'early' Record front changer with Campagnolo down tube levers
Brakes Universal sidepull front and rear stirrups with Universal levers and rubber hoods
Stem/Bars Cinelli 10cm steel stem with badge, fitted with GB Road Champion bars
Saddle Ideal 45
Cinelli 1s
Cinelli 2s
Cinelli 3s

Cinelli 9s

Cinelli 11 B B
Bottom bracket showing cable from the rare cable stop/cable tunnel fitting. Also fine Durax steel cottered fluted cranks
Cinelli 12 rear ends
Campagnolo rear end with braze-on mudguard eye - this is the older, longer version with adjusters set close to front for short wheelbase and closer frame clearance

cinelli-pu-rb2 cinelli-pu-rb3
Campag front and rear ends are an optional extra on this model. Hubs are Campag Gran Sport with the extra lightening holes

Optional Stronglight/TA chainset used to obtain lower gears for hilly events 48/43 rings

Seat cluster showing Cinelli shot-in seatstay incorporating seat bolt
Co2 pump mounted by using single Terry pump clip

Cinelli with Durax cottered steel chainring (now has Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs)